Krista + Colin | Valley Forge Park Engagement

June 2014

Sometimes, you just get lucky.

Don’t get me wrong, there is an unbelievable amount of skill, preparation, and overall work that goes into being a photographer.  There are just some times when the universe seems to conspire in your favor.  Take this gorgeous summer afternoon for example:

Krista+Colin ESESSION-75

I couldn’t have asked for better conditions during Krista and Colin’s engagement photo shoot in Valley Forge Park.  It was perfect!  Not to mention the super-awesome couple I had the pleasure of photographing.  Krista and Colin will be married in September, and wanted to document their love at a favorite spot.  The couple shared stories about their regular visits to the park, and their mutual fondness of the Freidrich von Steuben statue.

Valley Forge Engagement photo 9

And did I mention they brought their adorable dog with them?!  You have to see this adorable little guy with his bow tie and everything.  Enjoy the photos from our Valley Forge Park engagement session below.  Thanks Krista and Colin for being awesome, and thank you Lady-Luck for the gorgeous weather.   Looking forward to the wedding in September!