Jessica & Ryan: Lazaretto Ballroom Wedding

Jessica & Ryan


Jess and Ryan’s wedding was a very special occasion. I mean, they all are really, but this one was a little different. With really close personal ties with the bride’s family, I was surrounded by people that I know and care deeply about. Well, of course, I know and care about all of my clients – but you know what I mean… I’m trying to say I knew a lot of people at this wedding. Let’s just move on…

Jessie and Ryan made my job easy during our West Chester engagement shoot last fall, and conditions were equally perfect for their big day. The beautiful Lazaretto Ballroom did not disappoint! If I had to summarize the event in only three words they would be:

Love. Family. Fun.

lazaretto-wedding-935Oh, and can we talk about this epic cake-cutting for a minute:

lazaretto-wedding-975 lazaretto-wedding-976 lazaretto-wedding-977 lazaretto-wedding-978 lazaretto-wedding-979Ahhhh marriage. You’re doing it right.

To put it mildly, I had a blast spending the day with Jessica, Ryan, and the rest of the family. Wishing you a lifetime of health and happiness. Congratulations again!

Talk soon,


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