Flowers at Longwood Garden

February 2015

Longwood Macro-25

Is it Spring yet?

No?  Well, at least here are a few flower pictures to tide you over!

I had the pleasure of attending Luis Morales’ photography workshop at Longwood Gardens over the weekend.  You already know that I’m big fan of Longwood’s winter holiday display, so photographing in the warm conservatory was a nice treat!

As you can imagine, the flowers were fragrant and beautiful.  Almost overwhelmingly so.  Luis was great at reminding us to slow down, and to really observe the aesthetic qualities of our subject.  He called it finding “the soul of the flower”.  I love that.  Such a wonderful exercise – and a great opportunity to step outside of my photographic comfort zone.  Gotta keep the skills sharp right?

I hope you enjoy the images below.  Stay warm and…

Think Spring!


Longwood Macro-2Longwood FlowerLongwood Macro-7

Ryan Journey macro at Longwood

Oh yeah! And this guy was there too!

  Longwood Macro-14 Longwood Macro-16 Longwood Macro-17 Longwood Macro-19 Longwood Macro-20 Longwood Flower Macro Longwood Macro-15 Beautiful Flower at Longwood Longwood Macro-27 Longwood Macro-28 Longwood Macro-29 Longwood Orchid Longwood Macro-32 Longwood Macro-35 Longwood Macro-37 Longwood Macro-39 Longwood Flower Macro Longwood Macro-41